The cluster is a platform that brings together the interests of all the companies and agents in the value chain of the automotive sector in Navarra, with the aim of improving competitiveness through cooperation and consolidating Navarra as an excellent region in this sector.


The principles rules, behaviours and relationship guidelines that guide the proposals and actions of current and future members, within the framework of their membership of the association and the activities promoted by it, are:


  • To lead and represent the automotive sector in navarre, interacting with other agents and institutions.
  • To identify and promote, through its members, useful and excellent collaborative actions to improve the competitiveness of all companies.
  • Promote innovation actions, knowledge transfer, commitment and qualification of workers, excellence in operations, value processes and business development.
  • Initiative: be proactive in proposing improvements and actions, and participate in them.
  • Transparency: acting in good faith
  • Practicality: our approaches have to be useful to companies
  • Responsibility: belonging to the association is a long-term commitment and involves looking after and acting in the overall interests of the sector.
  • Reciprocity: we are willing to share, contribute and receive.
  • Respect: for other companies in the sector and for other actors in the chain.